Power Plant Christmas Party Party Pooper

Each year at a Power Plant there are two times when the Power Plant Men are invited to a banquet.  There is the Service Award Banquet and the Christmas Party.  The Christmas Party was a chance to meet the spouses and children of the other Power Plant Men and Women.  Unlike the Service Award Banquet where you could only bring one other person, the Christmas Party allowed you to bring your entire family.  Interestingly, this became a point of conflict for those few at the top when I was a new full time power plant worker.

The first year I was able to attend the Power Plant Christmas Party was after I had become a Janitor in 1982.  I had graduated from college with a degree in Psychology (which made me a much better janitor) and at the end of my fourth summer as a summer help, I was able to hire on full time to begin the rest of the 19 remaining years with the company.  I received my free turkey for Thanksgiving and another one for Christmas.

Power Plant Turkey

Power Plant Turkey

The farmers that worked at the plant had baled the hay on their own time from the fields surrounding the lake and we used that money to buy the turkeys.  That was, until Corporate Headquarters (or maybe it was just the evil plant manager), found out about it and decided that this money belonged to the entire company, and so, in future years, instead of making a profit, the company had to hire people to cut the grass, paying tens of thousands of dollars each year with only an expense instead of a profit to show for it… and no Turkeys.  See the post:  Belt Buckle Mania and Turkeys During Power Plant Man Downtime for a more complete description of this example of Corporate Efficiency gone awry.

Since I was making a total of $5.15 per hour, I was still living at home with my parents.  So, when they asked me how many guests I would be bringing to the Christmas Party, I told them 2 guests and myself.  On the night of the Power Plant Christmas Party I showed up at the Oklahoma State University Student Union Banquet room in Stillwater Oklahoma with my Mother and Father.  As we walked into the banquet room, I noticed a strange expression on both Jack Ballard’s and Linda Dallas’s faces (The two heads of HR at the plant).  It was one of surprise and yet at the same time, slightly indignant.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  It was as if they were smiling while greeting the guests as they came in, but when looking at my parents, they both seemed as if they had just swallowed something distasteful and were trying to pretend that they hadn’t.  I thought for the moment that they were just in awe of my parents.  After all, my dad was an important Veterinary Professor at the University, and my mom, well… She had the slight resemblence of Queen Victoria, and probably a lot of her disposition.  Though she was on her good behavior that night.

My Mother is an Italian version of Queen Victoria

My Mother is an Italian version of Queen Victoria

Actually, Queen Victoria’s face almost looks like Marlin McDaniels in drag.  I’m sure those Power Plant men that remember Marlin can see the resemblence.  If you just look at only the face.  I’ll bet Marlin is related to the Queen.

The Christmas party generally had one of the Power Plant Men dressed up as Santa Claus.  This was usually Glen Morgan from the Instrument and Controls department (known as the “Results” department at the time).  He best fit the suit.

Glenn Morgan looked similar to this only younger

Glenn Morgan looked similar to this, only younger

He would hand out gifts to the Children.  I remember that every now and then when they were trying to plan the Christmas event, the topic of gifts for the children would come up.  Some believed that it wasn’t really fair to give gifts to the children since not everyone had children, and some were not married at all.  Usually the gifts for the children won over the dissenters.  Someone would point out that Christmas was really all about the Children in the first place, and when they would take a vote, the children would receive their gifts.

I found out what Jack’s and Linda’s expressions were for the following year.  I was in the electric shop when they asked how many people I would be brining to the Christmas party and I told them that I was going to bring 3 guests and myself.  My girlfriend had moved from Seattle, Washington to Norman, Oklahoma to work toward a degree in Nursing at Oklahoma University.  I was going to bring her along with my parents to the Christmas party that year.

A couple of days later I was asked to go up to the front office.  Jack Ballard wanted to talk to me about something.  When I arrived in his office, he explained to me that I was not able to bring my parents to the Christmas Party.  I asked why that was and he explained that I could only bring a date or my immediate family.  I told  him I was still living at home and that my parents are my immediate family.  He went on to explain that if they let me take my parents, then other people might want to bring their parents as well.  This would open up a whole can of worms.

Power Plant Can of Worms

Power Plant Can of Worms

Yeah, well, a can of worms… no, we wouldn’t want to do that.  Finally Jack said that I could bring my parents, or I could bring a date, but I couldn’t bring both.  Ok.  I was somewhat upset since I had already told my parents the date of the party and my dad was really looking forward to meeting with the Power Plant Men as he did the year earlier.  He had a lot of fun talking with real people instead of the pretentious professors he usually met with.  There wasn’t any way I was not going to bring my girlfriend.  I wanted everyone to meet her.  More importantly.  I wanted Kelly to meet everyone I was always talking about.

There was another reason why I thought that the “front office” didn’t want my parents to go to the Christmas Party.  It had to do with the relationship the Assistant Plant Manager had with my father.  Bill Moler liked to keep his role at work and his role away from the plant completely separate (for good reason).  I felt that this was the same reason he was disturbed when he came back from summer vacation to find me already hired as a janitor.  This was only a thought and a feeling.  I never had any real reason to believe this was what was behind Jack’s concern over my parents going to the Christmas party.  Either way it was a Party Pooper.

So in 1983, my parents stayed home, and I went to the Christmas Party with my girlfriend Kelly.  I think she was so impressed with the Power Plant People that two years later, almost to the day, we were married.  We sat with Arthur Hammond and his wife and children.  Arthur was a new electrician.  He had become a plant electrician on the same day that I did.  I will talk more about him in future posts.  We had a fun time.  You couldn’t really help but have a fun conversation with Arthur Hammond.  Espeically if you are part Italian like myself.  Arthur liked to argue.  That is one reason we got along so well.

Fast forward 10 years.  The Christmas Party in 1993 was held in Ponca City.  My daugther Elizabeth was 3 years old.  Bud Schoonover, at the age of 58, was chosen to be Santa Claus that year.  Now…. Not only is Bud Schoonover the best size to fit the Santa Claus suit, but he also was so shy when the children came up to sit on his lap for him to hand the presents to them that it gave him a hidden sort of dignity that the children perceived as being very “Santa” like.  My daughter was convinced that this Santa Claus was not like the Mall Santas.  This was the real Santa Claus.  For years Elizabeth was convinced that Bud Schoonover was the real Santa.

This doesn't exactly look like Bud Schoonover, but his cheeks were about this red

This doesn’t exactly look like Bud Schoonover, but his cheeks were about this red

Because Bud was so shy, his cheeks had turned cherry red.  He couldn’t do anything but smile and look with wonder at the children as they came up to him and he handed them their gifts.  My daughter had picked up on the genuine look of wonder that Bud expressed as she sat on his lap looking into his eyes.  Bud Schoonover really had transformed himself into the Genuine Santa Claus for that one half hour.  I could confidently tell Elizabeth when she asked me on the way home if that was the real Santa Claus that I thought that he really was.  Bud confided in me when he told me that he was literally scared to death the entire time.

Six months later, Bud Schoonover retired from the Power Plant during the “early retirement” stage of a downsizing.  He was truly missed by everyone that knew him.  I have written about Bud before, and I will write about him again.  You can learn more about his personality by reading:  Carpooling With Bud Schoonover

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  1. Merry Christmas Kevin and a Happy New Year – to all your family!


    1. Thanks Ron! Happy New Year to you, your wife and your daughter.


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