Letters to the Power Plant #7 — The Straight Scoop

After I left the power plant and went to work for Dell on August 20, 2001, I wrote letters back to my friends at the plant letting them know how things were going.  This is the seventh letter I wrote.

10/1/01 – The Straight Scoop at Dell

Dear PreOverhaul workers,

Linda asked me how much of what I had said in my letter about my meeting with the CIO was true.  I wrote this letter back to her.  Then when Annette told me that she had tried the mouse in the sock thing, but couldn’t quite get it to work, I thought I would send everyone a copy of the letter, so everyone could get the straight scoop.

My Letter:

Well, let’s see.  I did have a meeting with the CIO Randy Mott, and he does have a cubicle just like everyone else including Michael Dell and their cubicles are twice as big as mine.  Randy was named CIO of the Year this year.  He talked with a handful of us for about 2 hours, where we sat around a table and chit-chatted about all sorts of proprietary things that I can’t talk about.  He did start as a programmer at Wal-Mart.  —  A couple of weeks ago we had a BIG meeting with Randy, and when the first person asked a question, Randy gave him a Hundred dollar bill, right out of his wallet.

I did have lunch with my Vice President, along with 5 others, and we did go to a restaurant called, “On The Border”, and he paid, and we did sit and talk for an hour an a half.  I did eat a lot, even though I said I didn’t.

My team was playing football when I got back from lunch, and they did have free root beer.  And the room is as big as the entire maintenance shop, except that it has carpet.

We do have breakfast every Friday morning, and we may dress casually on Fridays, except that I don’t.  I enjoy being dressed up (for a change).

My Manager did walk by my cubicle and say that he thought he told me to go home early.  I told him that I was just writing a letter to some friends of mine.

I didn’t really do the mouse in the sock thing.  I already knew how to use Hot Keys, so Randy didn’t tell me that.  I only made that up to make the story more interesting.  Since all that other fun stuff must seem boring to Sooner employees who have an adventure every 15 minutes.  It is very fun working here, and very fast paced, and the Managers clear up to the President try to figure out how to make our jobs better all the time. (Quite a change huh?)

Your friend,


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