Letters to the Power Plant #50 — Validating Data at Dell

After I left the power plant and went to work for Dell on August 20, 2001, I wrote letters back to my friends at the plant letting them know how things were going.  This is the fiftieth letter I wrote.

09/09/02 – Validating Data at Dell

Dear friends from Sooner Plant (and those who only wish they could be there now),

I know it has been two weeks since I have written to you guys.  I have been very busy and haven’t been able to take the time to fill you guys in on what has been going on down here lately.  I am in a phase of my project called “validation”.  This is where I compare my data to what the data is supposed to be.  Then when it isn’t the same, I have to account for the difference.

I have really been using all my creativity to come up with real elaborate reasons why my data doesn’t look like their data.  So, with all my creativity being drained off doing my job, I didn’t have enough left to muster up a letter to all of you.

As you may recall.  I had to give a PowerPoint the Friday before last to some teams about what we are teaching the teachers at the Austin High Schools.  Well.  I did that.  The interesting part about doing that was that a bunch of people came up to me after it was over and asked me two questions.

The first question was:  “Can you teach me how to do that with PowerPoint?” and the second question was: “Why did you have those two particular people together waving at the end?”  —  My answer to the first question was:  “Sure!”,  My answer to the second question was:  “Well, if you don’t know!  I’m not going to tell you!!”

Note to reader:  To read more about the two people waving at the end see the post PowerPoint Final Presentation.

Then this past week, on Friday we had an “Off-site” at Lake Travis with our Vice President.  We did fun things like have water gun fights and water balloon wars, and those sorts of “team-building” activities.  We took a ride around Lake Travis on a boat called “Large Marge The Party Barge”.

To learn more about Lake Travis, you can talk to James Doyle.  I believe he has been scuba diving there a few times.  —  We just went swimming (no scuba diving).  It is a pretty good sized lake.

There was a water slide off the side of the barge, so we could jump off into the lake, and then people would yell “Man over-board” (or “Geek over-board” as the case may be), the guy driving the barge would swing the thing around and go pick the guy up, only to have someone else be hurled off of the upper deck into the lake.

This kept on happening until a group of people threw the driver of the barge in the water and everyone cheered and did some sort of synchronized dancing that reminded me of shoveling coal onto a conveyor belt.  And they had these water guns called “The Super Soaker” with these big backpacks full of water that was powerful enough to blast water in one ear and out the other.

I still hear this squishy sound when I walk.  —  So as you can imagine, when I came home from my hard day at “the office”, the first thing my kids wanted to know was, could they play with the water pistols.

Well, I have spent the weekend recuperating from Friday’s events, and now I am ready to start back to “the ol’ Grind!”  —  Hey!!!  Someone just tossed a nerf football in my cube!!!  Wait ’til I get them back.  —  Gotta run.  Talk to you later……

Your hurried Dell Programmer,

Kevin James Anthony Breazile


Kevin J. Breazile

CIA: Customer Experience, Integrated Services Model, and Ariba

When the Mission seems Impossible, call the CIA!–

Dell Computer Corporation

(512) 728-1527

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  1. Bonus points: for the title and the sentence about your data being compared to expected data or their data sounding like Dell is visited by or working with Star Trek’s Data (and maybe also different versions of him like from the past, present, future, and his twin Lore) .

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    1. I’m realizing now that your blog post sounds like it could be an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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      1. That’s an interesting thought.

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