Letters to the Power Plant #53 — The Dudes at Dell

After I left the power plant and went to work for Dell on August 20, 2001, I wrote letters back to my friends at the plant letting them know how things were going.  This is the fifty third letter I wrote.

10/04/02 – The Dudes at Dell

Dear Sooner Friends and others,

I hope everything is going well with you guys.  I told you in my last letter that I was going to be getting a couple of new tee-shirts last Saturday.  What actually happened, was that I came home with 5 extra shirts.  And all of them too big for the rest of my family to wear, except maybe for a night shirt or something.

We went to the “Walk to Cure Diabetes” and they gave Kelly and the kids “Dude, You’re Walkin’ for a Cure” shirts also, and they were all size XL (which is not one of the programming languages that I use.  Such as XML, or HTML, or XHTML, or DHTML, or SHTML).

The highlight of the day was when my kids were able to get their pictures taken with “Steven” the Dell Dude (His real name is Ben Curtis).  He was there signing autographs, and having his picture taken.  —  So the rest of the family forgave me for getting 5 tee-shirts, that were all too big for them to wear.

I have been going out to eat with my “Project buddies” all week.  This has been a burdensome task.  It has caused me to rethink the concept of keeping a bathroom scale in the bathroom.

I was thinking of throwing it out in the backyard and letting the dog weigh himself, or just chew on it or something.  Except that it is probably against one of our Homeowner’s Association Rules to keep a Bathroom scale in the backyard.

One day we went to this Mexican place where the Burritos were so heavy you could hardly pick them up in one piece.  They even had instructions on the wrapper about how you could eat them without the tortilla breaking and spilling rice, and beans, and chicken and guacamole all over your lap.

I figured out that the best way to prevent that from happening was to snarf it down as fast as I could before it had a chance to feel the full impact of gravity as I quickly raised it from the plate.  — It also helped to keep my face down real close to the plate, so it didn’t have so far to travel to my mouth.

Anyway.  I didn’t have to eat dinner that night.  —  I did get a cake in our staff meeting, because my birthday was this month, so I ate a piece of that instead of dinner that night.  —  The type of cake was called “Italian Cream Cake”.  I had never heard about that flavor of cake before.  It sure is rich.  —  Needless to say, I haven’t had to eat dinner all week.

Well, since I have been working on my three projects all week, and not doing much else (except eating), I don’t have much to update you guys about.  Soooo,  How are things going up there?  What’s the latest?

Let’s see.  The last thing that I heard was that Jim Arnold was acting like he knew everything, and Bill Green believed him.  Toby has gone to work in some Gas company.  Chris Cornish went to go work in some po’ dunk town named “Wichita”.  Jody Gaddy went to go work for some Tire company named Michelin.  Brent Kautzman was going to work in some cold state named North or South Dakota or something like that.

Oh yeah, and Jasper Christensen was retired, and Bill Thomas, and Max Thomas, and Bill Robinson, and ……….  hmmmm…  What else has happened in the last year?

What is the latest with Ronnie LeForce.  I haven’t heard an update for a couple of weeks.  Is he healing all right?  Is he going to be ok?  I haven’t heard!!!

I think I’ll be in Stillwater for a few minutes around Thanksgiving.  We’re going to drive up there and meet my parents (not for the first time obviously), and drive to Alabama to where my sister lives to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

The lengths Italians will go for a good meal is very surprising.  —  Anyway.  Keep in touch.  I’ll write later.

Your Friendly Dell (Blessed by the Dell Dude) Programmer,

Kevin James Anthony Breazile, Esquire


Kevin J. Breazile

CIA: Customer Experience, Integrated Services Model, and Ariba

When the Mission seems Impossible, call the CIA!–

Dell Computer Corporation

(512) 728-1527

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